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Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019

My oldest, who is a sophomore at WVU, texts with me most every day, and calls twice a week.  That, in and of itself, is the epitome of having a great kid who loves his mama.  When he attended his first cadaver lab, it was a 90-minute conversation about being the first to take a scalpel to the corpse.  It is scheduling, and being tired, and watching the money he earned over the summer dwindle rapidly.  It’s concern that he bombed a test, with a call or text later that he got a 96.  It’s missing being a kid, and trying like crazy to be a man.

Our texts this week, with N being Noah, and M being ME/Mom:

M:  How is your day?

N:  I’ve had better.  I got asked to play basketball, and tore up my knee that I had surgery on.

M:  How bad?

N:  I’m going to see a professor later.

M:  Keep me updated


M:  Well?

N:  Its swollen, hurts, is loose, and the Athletic Trainer people think I damaged the Meniscus again.

M:  Do I need to call the surgeon?

N:  I’m doing ice, meds, and exercises.  The Athletic Trainer grad students are on it.


M:  Do you need an appointment with the Physical Therapist?  What about your crutches?

N:  Mom, you know I’m an adult, right?  I can make my own appointments.

M:  Oh, I fully intended for you to make your own appointment, just wasn’t sure you’d do it without me pushing you.  What about the crutches?  Do you need them?

N: I’m an athletic trainer student.  We have 300 pairs.

M:  Of course you do.


M:  Happy Halloween!  How’s the knee?

N:  Not as swollen, hurts less, still loose.

M:  Your brother has decided he’s too old to Trick or Treat.

N:  OMG, I’d pay money to get to do Halloween.  I’d carve a pumpkin, get a costume…

M:  That ship has sailed my love.

N:  The Halloween parties across from my apartment Friday night were so out of control that the police came in riot gear and fired tear gas.

M:  Wait, what?

N: (Sends me video of cops in riot gear, firing tear gas….)

M:  Holy crap!  Thank God you weren’t involved in that!

N: Yeah, but, really, if you don’t have a few of those nights in college, what are you doing, really?

M:  True honey.  True.  But, parents would like to think that their kids are in their room, drinking hot cocoa and playing Xbox.

N:  Then that’s what I’m doing!

M:  Exactly.


It turns out from these conversations that Noah is doing a fine job of being a man and managing himself, and given that I have not yet hopped in the car and made an emergency, panicked trip to WVU, I think I’m managing myself pretty well too!


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