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Into the Rapids

Next Step TherapyTuesday, December 3rd, 2019
One year ago, I walked to the edge of a mysterious diving board. Without seeing the bottom- without a life jacket or a parachute, I jumped in head first… This steep diving board launched me into the raging river that is early intervention. It’s been one year since I jumped inhead first…...Read More


Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
Today I wrote a check to cover my monthly student loan payment. It’s always a cringe worthy moment. Each number rolling off the end of my ball point pen takes a little piece of my soul with it. As a new therapist, the memories of those classroom lectures that cost so much seem to get furth...Read More


Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
Last year, my oldest decided that we should go all out with Christmas decorations at the farm house, and I, who enjoys making dreams come true, said yes. We ended up with a machine that synched the lights on the roof, porch, windows and railings to twelve Christmas songs, and blowups. It was...Read More

Creating a Safe Space for Your Baby When You Have a Disability

Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
If you’re an expectant parent, it’s never too early to start preparing for the little resident who will be moving in soon. While choosing a cute crib and stocking up on wee onesies is fun, there are plenty of practical parenting tasks to tackle. And parents with disabilities might ne...Read More

Successful Side Gigs After a Successful Recovery: Where to Start

Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
You’ve probably read a story or two about an individual who grew up in less-than-ideal conditions and went on to be successful. What about those individuals who are recovering from one of life’s hardest trials – addiction? According to Psych Central, “Many people, once th...Read More


Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
Entering a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is a daunting, yet necessary step toward living a sober life, but it’s just the beginning of the recovery process. Long-term sobriety depends on one’s actions during and after rehab, as it can be difficult to figure out how ...Read More


Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
As we celebrated July 4th, I was reminded of last year when I nearly died in a freak home accident. Technically I wasn’t even injured, but I had about seven seconds where my life flashed before my eyes. I have a beautiful forty-five-pound dog named Rusty. He is nine years old and h...Read More

Best Trip Ever Part 4

Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
Tracy Loses It at Las Vegas Nascar Speedway One of the best descriptions of Anxiety I have ever heard is this: You go to bed happy after a good day. You get comfy and cuddle up with the dog. You think to yourself, today was good, and I only have to do a few things tomorrow, what could go...Read More

Best Trip Ever Part Three

Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
Tracy, Noah and Kahlil’s Excellent Adventures Before I launch into the next few days of our experiences, I should probably address how I can afford to go to Las Vegas every few months. VACATION TIP #3 While I understand the logic in looking for flights under the main airline we...Read More

Art and Music Therapy: On the Path to Recovery

Next Step TherapyWednesday, December 4th, 2019
Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the most strenuous ordeals you can face, and many people say they need more than self-discipline to face all the new stresses that come with sobriety. That’s why drug counselors recommend finding a creative outlet to tap into natural ta...Read More


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